Moneyhawk App

The personal finance app for keeping a sharp eye on all your accounts.

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See the whole picture, securely

Export your transaction history from your bank websites and drop the files into Moneyhawk. You never give us your bank passwords and Moneyhawk doesn't store your data on a server in the "cloud".

Flexible organization

Create your own categories, tags, and notes. Search any to see a total.

Work quickly and confidently

We've optimized Moneyhawk for speed and surety.

No internet needed

Moneyhawk works offline. Handy when you're soaring through the air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a moneyhawk?

The app is named in honor of our previous project: train a hawk to find and retrieve cash. It didn't quite pan out. Banks wouldn't accept the shredded bills.

How much does it cost?

$7/month. But we know this can be a lot so by default, it's free to use Moneyhawk with your most recent 200 transactions on each bank account or card. To upgrade, click the Upgrade button in the app.

Which banks do you support?

Moneyhawk works with:

We need your help to expand this list. If you can download .qbo or .qfx files (Quicken or QuickBooks files), drop them into Moneyhawk and please let us know if they work.

When will you support Windows or Linux?

We're not sure yet if we will but we'd like to hear from you. Let us know which platform(s) you're on and why Moneyhawk caught your eye.

When will you support currencies other than the US dollar?

Give it a try! If you have a .qbo or .qfx from an account in another currency, see what happens and let us know! You might see periods or commas in the wrong places. We want to know what might be useful for folks outside the US but we can't exactly open up bank accounts everywhere to see what file formats are available.

What else does Moneyhawk do for me?

Moneyhawk saves your imported files and transactions in a human-navigable file directory with a Git repository. You can use your favorite back up methods on this file directory (look for the hidden folder ".moneyhawk" in your root directory). If you're familiar with Git, the versioning software, you can create a remote repository and sync multiple instances of Moneyhawk across your desktop computers.

How do I get in touch with you?

We're happy to answer questions, hear requests, and discuss any problems you run into while using the app. Please email Nicki at

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